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 ====== Gentoo System Backup ====== ====== Gentoo System Backup ======
 +I just want to backup my Gentoo System, like a stage-X, so I can restore it when the system is broken, just with one command like
 +  tar xvf gentoo-stage-x.tgz
-Refer to+So I found a script in the Gentoo forum  
 +  *  a great backup system for gentoo workstations:​http://​​viewtopic-t-65669.html 
 +After some minor adjust, the script works as I want.
-​viewtopic-t-65669.html+Actually, this script is really simple, the core command is: 
 +  cat ${list} | xargs tar zlcvf  ${BKPDIR}/${type}.`date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M`.${ext} 
 +Just use the tar to create the package according to the directory list in sys.lst
 <code BASH>​ <code BASH>​
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