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收集各种Android手机如何进入刷机模式,如G1,G7,Milestone2 ,i7500.


  • 音量减(-)+电源键,进入recover模式,然后按电源键选中操作,进入recovery模式。


  • 音量减+电源键+通话键

更新Recovery 6.6.1:


Refer to:

Get the MS2 Rom:

  • 1. Install RSD Lite 4.9
  • 2. Download and extract The right SBF restore file
  • 3. Plug in your phone. Power it off and hold CAMERA + VOL DOWN
  • 4. On the PC launch RSD Lite, Click on the […] to the right of filename, browse for the .sbf file you have just extracted.
  • 5. Click on Start
  • 6. In normal cases the phone should boot up now. If you are SURE it doesn't, which is when it tells you to boot up the phone manually follow the next steps.
  • 7. Unplug the phone and pull out the battery.
  • 8. Slide out your keyboard and hold the X button, insert your battery and power it up while still holding the X button.
  • 9. A screen with an exclamation mark pops up, press the @ button on the keyboard to open the recovery menu.
  • 10. Use either the arrows on the keyboard or the VOL UP / VOL DOWN buttons to navigate up and down. Go down to wipe data/factory reset.
  • 11. It will hang at some times but in the end it will say it's done. Hop over to reboot system now and reboot.
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