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 http://​​projects/​ntfsfree/​files/?​source=navbar http://​​projects/​ntfsfree/​files/?​source=navbar
 +====== mount --bind ======
 +If you are the linux user, you should know the powerful mount --bind command, because you don't need to copy&​paste the files to the physical directory, but the behaviour should be the same with this command, you can dynamic share some files to the specific directory, and remove it after finish it.
 +But on Mac OS X, the mount command doesn'​t support the option "​--bind",​ so after some google, I find there has one workaround for this, use the bindfs(http://​​).
 +So first download the source code from here:
 +Compile and make install it.
 +  ./configure && make && sudo make install
 +Probably, you need install the osxfuse first: http://​​projects/​osxfuse/?​source=typ_redirect
 +Then enjoy it
 +  bindfs all_pictures/​ /​Volumes/​Backup/​百度云同步盘/​all_pictures
 +Or you want to unbind it
 +   ​umount /​Volumes/​Backup/​百度云同步盘/​all_pictures
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